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Wes Skiles
Executive Producer/Director
Wes Skiles is the creator, director and cinematographer of the PBS series, "Water's Journey". He is best known for his stunning camera work in documentary, IMAX and feature films. Over the past 15 years he has made over two-dozen adventure science, exploration films for the major networks. He is also a long time contract photographer for National Geographic Magazine. Wes' work as a cinematographer and director has won a multitude of awards. Most recently he and his company, Karst Productions, Inc., received the "Deffie", a high profile international award for best High Definition documentary of the year for "Water's Journey". He is recognized as a pioneer and expert in the utilization of the High Definition format in television and feature films. Wes resides in High Springs, Fl with his wife Terri, and their two children Nathan, and Tessa Skiles.
Jill Heinerth
Jill Heinerth is the producer and co-writer of the award winning series "Water's Journey". She is considered by many to be one of the top exploration divers in the World. She has participated in diving and caving expeditions Worldwide, including an expedition to Antarctica where she dived, explored and photographed the largest Iceberg in recorded history. The result of her endeavors was chronicled in the award winning film "Ice Island", which she also co-produced. Jill specializes in closed-circuit rebreather technology and was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame, and recognized as Canadian Technical Diver of the Year. Recently, Jill coordinated the underwater unit for The Cave, a Hollywood feature film. Her work as producer for the series 'Water's Journey" has won multiple awards and has received many accolades from the television and documentary community.

Tony Haines
Director of Post Production

Peter Thomas
Narrated by

John Keltonic
Original Score

Tim McGarvey
3D Animation

Wes Skiles
Director of Photography

Jill Heinerth, Wes Skiles
Script Development

Ross Ambrose
Production Unit Manager

Wes Skiles, Tony Haines, André Labous, Joel Tower, Jitka Hyniova, Nathan Skiles
HD Photography

Wes Skiles, Joel Tower
Underwater HD Photography

Jill Heinerth, Tom Morris, Georgia Shemitz
Journal Cam

Jitka Hyniova, Simon Manses
Assistant Camera

Scott Braunsroth, Simon Manses
Key Grip

Nathan Skiles, Jitka Hyniova, Joel Tower

Joel Tower, Georgia Shemitz, Mark Weber
Location Sound Mixer

Dr. Neil Beckingham, Dr. Billy Causey, Dr. Mark Clark, Dr. Jack Maloy, Tom Morris, Dr. Sue Newman, Mike Owen, Dr. Fred Sklar
Project Scientists

James York
Production Coordination

Beth Murphy
Executive Assistant

Terri Skiles
Production Accounting

Jill Heinerth, Beth Murphy, Georgia Shemitz, James York
Script Research

Jill Heinerth, Nathan Skiles, Tom Morris
Still Photographers

Jackie Windh
Production Assistant

Jerry Murphy
Diving Equipment Support

Spencer Slate
Diving Services

John Paul Jones, Joseph A. Wazilewski, Dexter Osborn, Rick Gomez, Rick Shealy, Nicholas Wazilewski, David Weathers
Animal Handlers

Rodney Barnett, J.K. Wells
Helicopter Pilots

Mark Brady, Michael Bodle, Carlos Coronado, Raymond Gray II, Megan Jacoby, Michael Korvela, Sue Newman, Robert Shuford, Mark Thompson
Air Boat Pilots

Jakub Rehacek, Georgia Shemitz, Ross Ambrose
Body Doubles

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Presenting station WEDU is the most-watched PBS station in Florida, serving 16 counties, and is a leader in digital programming. WEDU is already broadcasting local programs in high definition, and will continue exploring ways this new technology will help us educate, entertain and inspire it's viewers.
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Russell Sparkman
Executive Producer, Creative Director, Principle Photographer
Russell Sparkman is co-founder of Fusionspark Media, Inc. Since 1999, Russell has been deeply involved with all aspects of Fusionspark Media's projects, from principle photography to production. Projects have included Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems, the companion web documentary to Karst Production's film "Water's Journey: Hidden Rivers of Florida," as well as "Water's Journey: The River Returns."

Kevin Sparkman
Associate Producer
Kevin Sparkman, a co-founder of Fusionspark Media, Inc., has been the lead producer on a number of Fusionspark Media projects, including Florida Springs: Protecting Nature's Gems, The Gift of a Lifetime, Wakulla Spring: A Giant Among Us and FloridaYards.org.

Maryalice Yakutchik
Associate Producer, Principle Writer
As writer, producer and photographer, Maryalice Yakutchik is a veteran of numerous online productions for Discovery Communications, including environmental projects about the Everglades, snakes, tigers and elephants.

Jack Penland
Script and Audio Editor, Video Production

Jade Carter
Web Site Design, Flash Design and Programming

Robert Grant
Web Site Development

Jay Staton, Connie Bransilver, David Giardina, Jill Heinerth, Ross Ambrose, Pat Lynch, Wes Skiles
Stock Photography Providers

Georgia Shemitz
Camerawoman, Behind the Scenes Segments

Noriko Sparkman
Administrative Support

Connie Bransilver, Jay Staton, Patrick Lynch, Ross Ambrose, Jill Heinerth, Dennis Giardina, Wes Skiles
Stock Photography

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